Welcome to VokeStone. Proprietary concrete repair from Red Deer to Calgary.

VokeStone Will Recover Your Space.  Our Patented Product has More in Common with Natural Stone Materials than Concrete.

Recovering your Space.

It doesnt just look bad, it degrades the value of your property.


Too often we cannot fully utilize our properties because the concrete floors are sketchy. 

A VokeStone crown fixes so many problems that inspectors find wrong with a property and give us space we can be proud of and use. 

VokeStone  is a Turnkey Prime Contractor who  after a short interruption in use, Leaves a Space we can all be proud to  use and show off. 

The result; A VokeStone Crown

We are extremely proud of Vokestone Crowns

 Imagine a concrete floor that you can put laminate on without it buckling or not laying flat. 

Imagine being able to lay down large format tile.

 Imagine a garage that looks cool. 

VokeStone crowns are industrial quality overlays that look great. 

From flat smooth floors to anti-slip floors with drains; VokeStone is a total transformation so you can use your space with no limitations.

Lasting repairs to concrete.

Concrete is a very popular building material throughout the world. Unfortunately, concrete repairs are traditionally pseudo-science repairs that rarely are permanent. 

VokeStone has nothing in common with traditional concrete repairs. VokeStone is an autogenous chemical reaction that provides adhesion, structure and a final working surface to a concrete surface repair.

Simply stated, VokeStone is more akin to  natural stones such as Slate, yet, it chemically bonds to almost any concrete or rock. 

Adhesion is only the first amazing VokeStone property. VokeStone lacks the microcapillaries that allow water to transfer through normal concrete. The change of bulk properties includes salt damage resistance and mineral deposit (efflorescence) resistance.

Simply stated, a VokeStone Crown stops the acute degrading effects of the environment on concrete. 

The Science of VokeStone


Our Services



VokeStone Crowns are a turnkey Project System because there is a level of technical competence and machinery required.  We take care of everything from preparation to finishing.


VokeStone was created to offer a reasonable solution to concrete repair problems whether they are annoying, damaging or dangerous. 

VokeStone has many properties that can be used for various applications. However the product was invented firstly, to be applied as an overlay to salvage concrete floors, from basements to garages to commercial and industrial.

Residential, Commercial, or Industrial, VokeStone will Recover Your Space.


Classic Garage Repair

The classic before and after images of the described project. the anti-slip finish is optional


These images are from a garage during VokeStone product development. Quite frankly, this garage was suitable for tearing down because of the floor. The floor was rough and uneven with cracks and holes which meant it was useless for hobbies, but the stench of forty years of gear oil precluded even parking a car in the building. If we can recover this space, certainly we can help others recover their space.

Most garages are slab on grade which means that a repair by cutting a floor out is not an option as the slab supports the building. Dealing with cracks, holes, slumped surfaces, in an existing building, is exactly what VokeStone Crowns are designed for. VokeStone Crowns can give you a floor you can be proud of. VokeStone will Recover Your Space.


About Us

Anti-slp finish perfect for garage

VokeStone exists to further good engineering solutions to problems with no obvious solutions.

VokeStone offers concrete repair solutions from Red Deer to Calgary 

Advanced Degrees in Materials Engineering  gave us the background to look at problems like no other company. 

Find us by searching "VokeStone" in Youtube, Houzz and Facebook.

VokeStone in depth


VokeStone repairs concrete that conventional wisdom would  throw in a rubble pile.  This pile is conventional wisdom. Because VokeStone repairs degraded concrete, GL insurance limits official warranty to 90 days for adhesion.

VokeStone stands behind their product on a case by case basis because our overlay should last hundreds of years. 

Environmental benefit

The highly polluting cement powder industry produces 5 billion tonnes of cement powders a year, the only form of recycling is low level crushing. This pile is from a single small town that crushed years of damaged concrete.

VokeStone is the first method that keeps old concrete out of landfills by restoring existing concrete to useful service.

Who and why

Evan holds a several different formal qualifications from trades to advanced degrees. Self described as a dirty fingernails engineer whom has been recognized by opposite sides of the political spectrum for public service.

Strong character to do the best thing for our customer and stakeholders is the key to VokeStone business values.

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Do you repair driveways?

Vokestone can repair indoor and outdoor concrete but the current fomulation on the truck tends to self level, hence no slopes.

Do you repair steps?

Steps are small tasks with major labor input. It is not cost effective for VokeStone to fix small steps.

My floor is rough, My Floor drains to the wall, My Floor has cracks etc?

It doesn't matter what your floor looks like, the finished floor is flat and water resistant. 


A step up for our neighbors.

Very happy with out new step. K&B Campbell.


 A comprehensive look at VokeStone Crowns for you, your friends, your relatives, your co-workers and acquaintances.

Need to win an argument on concrete repair? VokeStone has the answer.

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Currently, we  are working in Central Alberta from Red Deer to Calgary and surroundng areas. Project complexity requires that site visits for quotes are required.  Please reach out at your convenience so we  can discuss your project.