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Too often the floor limits usefulness of a space so VokeStone is Recovering your Space

About Us

Why VokeStone Crowns

We are extremely proud of VokeStone Crowns.
Look at your distressed floor. Imagine a concrete floor that you can put laminate on without it buckling or not laying flat. Imagine being able to lay down large format tile. Imagine a garage that looks cool.
VokeStone crowns are industrial quality overlays that look great.
From flat smooth floors to anti-slip floors with drains; VokeStone is a total transformation so you can use your space with no limitations.

How We Can Help You

Concrete is a very popular building material throughout the world. Unfortunately, concrete repairs are traditionally pseudo-science repairs that rarely are permanent.
VokeStone has nothing in common with traditional concrete repairs. VokeStone is an autogenous chemical reaction that provides adhesion, structure and a final working surface to a concrete surface repair.
Simply stated, VokeStone is more akin to natural stones such as Slate, yet, it chemically bonds to almost any concrete or rock.
Adhesion is only the first amazing VokeStone property. VokeStone lacks the microcapillaries that allow water to transfer through normal concrete. The change of bulk properties includes salt damage resistance and mineral deposit (efflorescence) resistance.
A VokeStone Crown stops the acute degrading effects of the environment on concrete.

Experience the Difference

VokeStone Crowns are a turnkey Project System because there is a level of technical competence and machinery required. We take care of everything from preparation to finishing.
VokeStone was created to offer a reasonable solution to concrete repair problems whether they are annoying, damaging or dangerous.
VokeStone has many properties that can be used for various applications. However the product was invented firstly, to be applied as an overlay to salvage concrete floors, from basements to garages to commercial and industrial.


Flat Floors and Patios

From the most problematic floor
to something you can use, VokeStone has it covered. VokeStone can control final grades up to 1.5% slope.

Hot Water Heating Retrofit

Ever wish your floor could be retrofitted for heat. VokeStone can offer this service. A broken detached garage floor is now a heated studio with a heat resistant floor.

An unusable floor. Gear Oil for 40 years, cracks, holes uneven. This is in the cleaned condition.
The same floor with an antislip finish.
This is an ASTM adhesion pull sample showing the VokeStone overlay, the boundary layer are much stronger than a 35MPa original floor.
No other technology can produce an overlay harder than the original floor whilst self adhering to a floor that has been used for years.
This duck family has a job. They have been entertaining in a VokeStone pot full of water for days. The pot itself is dry on the outside which is not possible with traditional concrete.
The most slope VokeStone will work on. The same 1.5% slopes are required for exterior roof surfaces.
During the pouring operation, we can predict where the final flow of water will be.

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